Nov 3, 2020 | Uncategorized

Thanks to all teams and players who have registered in our Wednesday Night Social Mixed Competition.
We need to ensure a couple of things happen to make this comp work.
Firstly, know when your team is rostered on to Duty Ref & please be at the Clubhouse 10 mins prior to reffing duty starting. Games can’t start unless we have refs. The Duty Roster is attached to this post.
Respect the refs and have fun. If you think you know better that the Refs, come see us & we’ll give you a whistle.
Please follow the COVID-19 Guidelines. We’ve got a lot of teams playing, which is great. However, due to playing numbers we cannot allow spectators for this comp. A drag, I know.
Lastly, as with all comps, Mixed Touch is operating under the ARRIVE PLAY LEAVE policy, and we need teams to leave Jubilee immediately after the completion of their game.

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